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Welcome to the weekend and Podcast #171. Today Jackie and I are joined by former "Purtan's Person" Tom DeLisle as we huddle up to discuss topics including:  

- U of M's new coach Jim Harbaugh.

- The "memorable" time Tom and I spent trapped in the men's room in Jackie's dorm after a Michigan game. 

- Non-PC team nicknames that shouldn't be considered non-PC.  

- How Stanley Kubrick's violent 1970's movie "A Clockwork Orange" was a predictor of the lawlessness in society today. 

- And the Michigan Play voted #1 Most Famous...and who left the game early and missed it. 

So Kick-Off your Labor Day Weekend with Podcast #171. (38:33) If you don''ll feel "Incomplete"! 

Have a great Holiday and I'll see you back here Tuesday with my regular blog!


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