Feminists are outraged that Kermit the Frog Tweeted a picture of his new younger, thinner girlfriend, a Pig named "Denise", after his break-up with Miss Piggy last month. 

- He's obviously not dating her for money...she's so much thinner than Miss Piggy she's gonna bring in a lot less bacon. 

- At least Denise is older than the chicks the two old guys in the balcony are dating. 

- Kermit gushed "Love is better the second swine around!" (Bada-Boom!)

- They met on "Ashley Roll-Around-In-The-Mudison.com".


President Obama locked in the final Senate votes needed to approve his nuclear deal with Iran, but most experts in foreign policy say we're being foolish to trust the Iranian Government.

- Did we really need "experts" to tell us that? 


According to a new study, college students are now smoking more pot than cigarettes. 

- Which can only mean one thing: They'll be way more mellow when they call their parents asking for more money. 

- So this is what getting a "Higher Education" has come to. 


Former Spokane NAACP President Rachel Dolezal, who portrayed herself as African American,  announced that she's pregnant. 

- She doesn't know if it's a boy or girl yet. Or whether it's black or white for that matter. 


The new cast of Dancing With the Stars includes food queen Paula Dean. 

- She's looking forward to all the dances, but especially the Homemade Chips & "Salsa". 


Los Angeles has been named a finalist to host the 2024 Olympics. 

- If L.A. wins, expect to see Caitlyn Jenner run a leg with the Olympic Torch...in high heels.  

- Because of the California drought, this would also be the first BYOBW Olympics... Bring Your Own Bottled Water. 


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