Pope Francis is back in Rome after a tremendously successful trip to the U.S. that I think did a lot of good for the Church here in the States. He proved himself to be a humble, personable, likable, humorous, inspirational, charismatic and deeply spiritual man. But I have one question...as I'm sure the Pope does as well... Just what song was Aretha Franklin singing??? It sure didn't sound like "Amazing Grace" to me. 


Last nights Supermoon/Lunar Eclipse produced a spectacular blood-red moon that won't happen again until 2033. 

- Which will be right around the time the 2016 Presidential Race will be wrapping up. 


Bill Clinton is blaming both Republicans and the media for what he calls a "full frontal assault" against Hillary with the ongoing email scandal. 

- And if anybody knows about "full frontal assaults" it's Bill. 

- Then added, "I did Not have sex with that woman...Hillary Clinton". 


President Obama is meeting with Vladimir Putin at the UN today. 

- They'll order lunch-in since all the restaurants have a "No Shirt, No Shoes, So Service" policy. 


Censorship officials in Vietnam have introduced a new rule that limits movie sex scenes to no more than 5 seconds. 

- Apparently they're trying to lower Vietnamese women's expectations. 


Caitlyn Jenner finished the necessary legal steps to officially become a woman. 

- So now she's free to get any job she wants and get paid less than she did as a man! 


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Tuesday!