Taylor Swift and Mick Jagger sang a duet of "I Can't Get No Satisfaction" at her concert over the weekend. 

- It was weird, but still not as weird as what Aretha did in front of the Pope. 


Hillary Clinton's Campaign is holding a contest in which the winner gets to have dinner with Hillary. 

- Just email in your entry... and it'll never be seen again. 


New York prison worker Joyce Mitchell was sentenced to 7 years for helping those two inmates escape. 

- She asked her husband to bring her some power tools on visiting day. 


Fox News Anchor Shephard Smith accidentally credited Leonardo di Caprio with painting the Mona Lisa. 

- C'mon! Everyone knows Brian Williams painted the Mona Lisa while under heavy fire from the Italians. 


Former Playboy Bunny, Holly Madison says that Hugh Hefner bribed her with $3 million to stay married to him. 

- Of course back in the day, Hugh ponied up 3 hundred dollars to get DOLLY Madison to sleep with him. 


A study by UC Davis found that 25% of the fish sold in California have plastic in their stomachs. 

- And 90% of the female fish have plastic in their breasts. 


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