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Welome to the first weekend of Fall and Podcast #173. This go 'round, Jackie and I cover a cornucopia of topics including: 

- Are the Muppets too sexy for 8pm on ABC? 

- The Pontiff and his UberPopeMobile.

- Special guest "Charlie"...and how life begins at 14. 

- What my 3 year old grandson (and born performer) Brayden did in the bathroom... a technique I've never seen before. 

- Speaking of that... What's the #1 way  to put a woman in a romantic mood? 

- What two vegetables are guaranteed to make you gain weight?

- A few "Paraprosdokians". 

- What every person on earth emits... and can be individually identified by. 

- And the new high end fashion trend that was formerly forbidden.  (I knew I was ahead of my time!). 

So while you may have to wait for the leaves to change color, you don't have to wait for Podcast 173. Go ahead... rake it in!  (39:14)

Have a great weekend and I'll see you back here Monday with my regular blog!