Donald Trump tweeted yesterday that if elected he will reverse President Obama's decision to change Mt. McKinley's name to it's original Eskimo name "Denali". 

- He also tweeted that The White House will be known as "Trump Plaza D.C."


After some Republican candidates called for a wall along the Mexican border, Scott Walker is now calling for a wall to be built all the way across the border with Canada. 

- Luckily, we already have Tim Horton's over here. 

- Finally...something to stop the influx of Hockey sticks. 


Ashley Madison claims that 87,000 women have signed up for their service since last month's hack. 

- They're hoping to set up a date with their husbands. 


A Spongebob musical is coming to Broadway. 

- Being in NYC, the show will feature nudity which is why they're calling it "Spongebob NoPants". 


The State Department has upgraded another 150 emails from Hillary Clinton's private server to  Classified status. 

- The only good news Hillary's had this week is that Bill's name still hasn't shown up on Ashley Madison. 


Chipotle is being sued for lying about having a GMO-free menu. 

- I thought a GMO was a car song by Ronnie & The Daytonas.


Travel & Leisure Magazine has declared Moscow, Russia as the least friendly city in the world. 

- Hard to believe with all those pictures of their smiling President. 


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Thursday!