Little House on the Prairie star Melissa Gilbert is running for Congress in Michigan's 8th District. 

- She says she feels confident she can beat her rival, Nellie Oleson. 


Bars in London are now serving "Breathable Alcohol" in which you soak up booze through your skin and eyes. 

- In America we call that, "Hanging out with Lindsay Lohan". 

- It's for people who are just too darn lazy to actually pick up a glass. 


The National Nurses Union has endorsed Bernie Sanders. 

- Meanwhile the National Chicken Lovers Union has endorsed Colonel Sanders. 


A Drexel University survey found that 88% of adults have sexted. 

- The other 12% still have rotary dial phones. 


Japan has invented personal vehicles that can fold up so small they can fit in people's pockets. 

- So now you'll not only forget where you put your keys, you'll forget where you put your car. 


Hillary Clinton unveiled her $350 Billion college affordability plan on Monday. 

- She'll reveal the details in a $300,000 speech she's giving at Harvard next week. 


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- Dick