Donald Trump says that he's the one who deserves an apology after his nasty exchange with Fox News debate host Megyn Kelly. 

- The Donald insisted that if Megyn doesn't apologize "there's going to be hell toupee". 


Astronomers have spotted a mysterious woman-like shape on the planet Mars. 

- They knew it was true when they spotted Bill Cosby offering her a drink. 

- I thought Women were from Mars and Men were from Venus. 


A new survey found that 75% of millennials plan on buying a home someday. 

- The other 25% assume they'll inherit the one they're living in now. 


Cuba is building 4 new cruise ships in anticipation of the increased tourism between the US and Cuba. 

- To make people leaving Cuba feel at home, the massive boats will be shaped like '57 Chevys.


Kris Jenner and Caitlyn Jenner were seen together at a grocery store in Los Angeles. 

- They both stocked up on the staples...Milk, Bread and Miss Clairol hair color. 

- Caitlyn also bought some "Secret" deodorant because "It's Strong Enough For a Man, But Made For a Woman". 


Target has announced they will no longer label their departments by gender. 

- So now if your looking for pantyhose at Target, you're on your own. 


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