Rachel Dolezal, the head of the NAACP in Spokane, Washington has been outed by her parents that she was born white and she's just pretending to be black.

- If she ends up going to prison over this, she can star in the new season of "Orange Is The New Black". 


John Stamos was charged with DUI over the weekend, but will continue plans for the Netflix sequel to "Full House" called "Fuller House". 

- Seems to me they should call the show "Drinks On The House". 


Hillary Clinton gave her first official campaign speech in New York on Saturday, telling the crowd that her Presidency will be like nothing they've seen before. 

- This can only mean one thing... Hillary's gonna start wearing skirts! 


A new report says that when Ronald Reagan was President, he protected himself by always carrying a gun in his briefcase. 

- As opposed to President Clinton who always carried a gun in his briefs. 


A cow named "Lady Gaga" won the "Prettiest Bovine Award" at a festival in Germany. 

- To honor the cow, Lady Gaga will have it made into a dress and will wear it at her next concert. 

- This way, when fashion critics ask Lady Gaga who she's wearing, she can honestly answer, "Lady Gaga!" 


Former Playboy Bunny, Holly Madison, claims that Hugh Hefner gave models drugs so they would have sex with him. 

- Bill Cosby immediately filed a suit against Hefner for "stealing his idea". 

- Hugh took drugs too... his were just colored blue. 


"Jurassic World" became the the highest grossing opening film worldwide ever over the weekend by pulling in more that $500 Million dollars at the box office. 

- Abe Vigoda and Betty White saw the movie and said the dinosaurs were just like the ones that were around when they were kids.  


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