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Welcome to Mother's Day Weekend and Podcast #159. Today Jackie (daughter #2) and I welcome daughter #4 (JoAnne) to the Family dining room table for a fast, fun discussion of topics including: 

- The latest flurry of texts the girls were getting WHILE we were recording the Podcast. 

- How some Movie Musicals and Plays are great...until they start Singing. 

- A medley by Jackie & JoAnne of one of the big hits from West Side Story. 

- The frustration of watching "Jeopardy". 

- JoAnne gets a plug in for her new daily TV news show on Channel 7 called "The Now". 

And finally...

-We're not sure, but we think Wallside Windows is having a sale! 

It's all in Podcast #159! And remember, as the song that I used to play on the radio goes... "If It Wasn't For Your Father, Would Your Mother be Your Mother? So Remember Dad on Mother's Day!"

Have a great weekend and I'll see you back here on Monday with my regular blog.