A new app called "Kardblock" will remove any mention of the Kardashians from the websites you visit. The company's next app will filter out any mention of Justin Bieber. 

- So if you want to keep up with Justin, you'll just have to get yourself a good old fashioned Police Scanner. 


President Obama told David Letterman that he plans to spend his retirement golfing all day and playing dominoes. 

- He wanted to say "Ordering Domino's" but was afraid Michelle would kick his butt. 


Scientists have used reverse aging software on the image of Jesus's face from the Shroud of Turin to show what he would have looked like as a 12 year old boy. 

- But they admitted they went too far when they put him in a "Jerusalem Jets"' Soccer Jersey.


TLC debuts a new game show called "Labor Games" tonight during which women IN LABOR at the hospital, along with their husbands, have to answer trivia questions about child-rearing to win prizes. 

- It's kind of like "The Price Is Right" especially when the announcer tells the baby to "Come On OUT!"


Yahoo news is reporting that the latest fashion trend is for women to dye their underarm hair bright colors and wear it as an accessory. 

- French women have been doing this for years...just without the dyeing part. 

- Attention ladies: It's time to upload some new photos to your online dating profile! 


Tiger Woods says he "hasn't slept" since Olympic Skier Lindsay Vaughn broke up with him. 

- Just to clarify... He's SLEPT with a lot of women...he just hasn't actually gone to sleep. 


A French man is being investigated for assaulting two women he met on a dating site devoted to people with urination fetishes. 

- The site is called "Christian Tinkle". 


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