It's Cinco de Mayo which can only mean one thing! Tomorrow is May 6th! 

Meanwhile a Facebook survey found that 48% of Americans plan on drinking today to celebrate Mexico's unlikely victory over France in the Battle of Puebla. 

- 78% of Mexicans say they won't have time to drink as they'll be too busy sneaking into America.


A video has gone viral of President Obama fist-bumping what appeared to be a 4 year old boy before boarding Marine One yesterday. 

- We're checking a rumor that  the "4 year old boy" was actually Kim Jong Un, who was on a sight-seeing tour of D.C. with Dennis Rodman. 


A company in China is building a manufacturing plant that will be run solely by 1000 robots. 

- Translation: 1000 Kindergarteners are about to lose their jobs. 


In Melissa Rivers' new book about her mother Joan, Melissa says that her mom had a lifelong obsession with death and had 348 plastic surgeries including countless facelifts.

- This explains why Joan referred to Michael Jackson as "an amateur". 


The E! Network is airing a 2-hour special about the Kardashian's response to Bruce Jenner's "transisition" to womanhood. 

- They're all just ticked off that this year they have to buy TWO Mother's Day gifts. 


Olympic Skier Lindsey Vonn announced that she and boyfriend Tiger Woods have split. 

- So now she'll have more time to spend on the slopes, and he'll have more time to play "a round". 


A Texas councilman forgot to turn off his microphone while visiting the men's room, thus broadcasting his brief visit to the john to an entire room full of people holding a council meeting.  

- Meantime the Council slapped him with a fine for violating the noise ordinance. 


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Wednesday!