It's Official! Prince William and Kate Middleton have announced that the name of their new baby girl born on Saturday is: Charlotte Elizabeth Diana.  

- The couple was considering "North West" but another Royal couple, Kim and Kanye, beat them to it.

 - Oddsmakers in Vegas had predicted Charlotte and Alice as the favorites...but that was for Bruce Jenner. 


American Pharaoh won the Kentucky Derby on Saturday by two-lengths. 

- The horse didn't seem that excited, prompting his jockey to ask "Why the long face?" (Rimshot, please). 


Floyd Mayweather beat Manny Pacquiao in a unanimous decision to win the "Fight of the Century" in Las Vegas. 

- With his history of domestic violence, was anyone really surprised that Floyd knew how to land a punch? 


Stars Wars fans claim today, the 4th of May is THEIR day... since "May The Force Be With You" sounds similar to "May the Fourth Be With You". 

- To paraphrase Seinfeld... Yoda, Yoda, Yoda. 

- So if your 35 year old son living in your basement seems extra excited when he comes upstairs to grab some snacks, now you know why. 


Capitol Police found a loaded gun in John Boehner's office restroom on Friday. 

- Boehner vowed that when they find the culprit...he's gonna Tan his hide. Literally. 


Rosie O'Donnell's estranged wife reportedly wants her to be drug tested. 

- I know one thing there not gonna find in Rosie's system: Estrogen. 


RIP... Ben E. King who died Friday at the age of 76. His hit songs, some with The Drifters, are legendary and include: "Stand By Me", "Under The Boardwalk", "This Magic Moment", "Spanish Harlem", "There Goes My Baby" "Save The Last Dance For Me", and my personal favorite... "Up On The Roof". (I think that was Santa Claus's favorite too).

Have a great day and I'll you see you back here Tuesday!