Hillary Clinton has launched an online apparel shop that sells clothing with her campaign logo on it. So far the top seller is a tee shirt that looks like a pantsuit. 

- And just like Bill, the t-shirt doesn't come with pants. 


Psychologists say that many people who consistently post "happy" pics and status updates about their romantic life are actually insecure, and want the world to know that their partner is "taken". 

- And people who consistently post pictures of their cats inadvertently let the world know that they haven't had a romantic relationship since the mid '80's. 


Taco Bell and Pizza Hut announced that they're getting rid of the artificial ingredients in their foods. 

- So basically their menus will now consist of "Bottled Water". 


Malaysian Airlines announced that they'll be changing their name next week. 

- They we're going to do it this week, but the piece of paper with the new name on it disappeared. 

- CNN will have live coverage of the name change announcement. 24 hours a day. For the next six months. 


Art Garfunkel told an interviewer that Paul Simon "was a jerk" for splitting up the duo at the height of their popularity. 

- Apparently Art hasn't quite crossed that Bridge over Troubled Water. 

- He said he became suspicious when he saw "Paul and Julio down by the school yard". 

- He said he should have known when Paul wanted to call one of their hits, "50 Ways To Leave Your Duo". 


The Olsen twins announced that they will NOT star in the updated version of "Full House" called "Fuller House". 

- I know...I'm crying too. 


Tom Brady's appeal of his four game suspension has been postponed to give him more time to prepare. 

- Between practice, being married to Giselle Bundchen and this legal stuff, Tom's got a lot of balls in the air. They're under inflated, but they're in the air. 


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Thursday!