In an interview with the UK's Daily Mail, Paula Jones - yes, THAT Paula Jones - said: "Don't let Bill back in the White House". 

- Bill responded by saying "Paula should keep her nose out of my business". 


Taylor Swift became the youngest woman to ever make the Forbes List of the World's Most Powerful Women. 

- In a related story, Forbes named Bruce Jenner "The World's NEWEST Woman". 


A Kenyan lawyer is offering President Obama 50 cows, 70 sheep and 30 goats if he can marry the Prez's daughter Malia. 

- The President declined, but said for just two goats he'd be willing to give the guy Joe Biden. 


A Gallup survey found that 32.2% of the people in Mississippi are obese, making it the most obese state in the Nation. 

- That because all the food in Mississippi is M-I-S-S...I-S-S...I-P-P-FRIED.

- Alabama has demanded a recount. 


According to a new study, drinking more than five espressos a day may be damaging to your health. 

- And you'll be awake all night worrying about it. 


A Brazilian man was caught on video having sex with the tail pipe of his car. 

- At least he didn't do it while the car was running. 

- Kind of makes the usual "backseat" thing sound pretty tame. 


"San Andreas" the new movie about a massive earthquake that decimates California opens nationwide tomorrow. One reviewer called it  "A Feel-Good Disaster Movie". 

- So if you're planning on seeing just one Feel-Good Disaster Movie this summer...make sure it's this one!

- This is the same guy who called "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" "A bloodbath horror flick with a heart!"


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