A contestant brought the house down during "Final Jeopardy" last night. When given the "Answer": "A Christian Hymn and Jewish Holiday Hymn are both titled this, also the name of a 2009 Tony nominated musical", instead of coming up with the correct response, "Rock of Ages", he wrote down "What is Kinky Boots?"  "Kinky Boots" is a Broadway musical written by Cyndi Lauper about a shoemaker and a drag queen. 

- This proves I ain't as dumb as I think i are!


In a new interview, Pope Francis admits that he hasn't watched TV since 1990, thinks people care too much about their pets, and likes being around people so much that he would "make a lousy monk". 

- Is it just me or does in sound like that would be the Pope's online dating profile? 


A new study says that drinking coffee may help prevent erectile dysfunction. 

- So if the lines are extra long at Starbucks today, now you know why. 

- This is not what I thought they meant when they said too much coffee can keep you up all night. 

- No wonder Mrs. Folger was always smiling. 


Scientists in Kenya found a set of stone tools dating back 3.3 million years. 

- They were found inside the ruins of building with a sign reading "Cave Depot". 


The Rolling Stones kicked off yet another summer tour in San Diego over the weekend. 

- It's being billed as the "Lipi-Tour". 

- The concert was over by 8pm because most of the audience members aren't allowed to drive after dark.  


Chelsea Clinton has been given a $1 Million dollar advance to write a children's book. 

- Hillary wrote her the nicest "Congratulations" email! Or so we're told. We won't be able to read it until 2016. 


Have a great day and I'll see you back here tomorrow...Wednesday!