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Welcome to Memorial Day Weekend and Podcast #161. Join Jackie and me as we usher in the unofficial start of summer with a conversation including:

- David Letterman's last show and the real reasons he retired.

- The person who was the true inspiration for Letterman's style (and it wasn't Johnny Carson).

- Why Letterman didn't get the "Tonight Show" and why Leno did. 

- The night that Letterman lost the ratings war to Leno, when Jay asked a celeb a game-changing 4 word question.  

- The time that Jackie's ex was convinced that Letterman was hitting on her when they went to a taping of the show.  

- My favorite cable channels on TV.

- My favorite American Flag to fly on Memorial Day and what it once flew over. 

And finally...

- My memories as a kid of Memorial Day parades in my hometown passing right in front of my house.

So take some time out of your long weekend for a short listen to Podcast #161! (31:26)

And don't forget to Remember what Memorial Day is really all about... Honoring the brave men and women who gave their lives so that we could live ours in Freedom. 

Have a great, safe weekend! 


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