American Pharaoh won the Preakness and is now one win away from horse racing's Triple Crown - something that hasn't happened in almost 40 years. 

- Pharaoh stands a better chance of being crowned than Prince Charles does. 


A group of US Commandos killed a senior ISIS leader and captured his wife Saturday night. 

- She's just glad that she'll finally be allowed to watch "The Real Cave-wives of Islamabad". 


Federal authorities say a cyber-hacker was able to take control of commercial jets on 15 different occasions by hacking into their in-flight entertainment systems. 

- Meanwhile I still can't figure out how to send an email without calling one of my daughters. 


Bill Cosby gave a bizarre interview to "Nightline" on Saturday night during which he babbled incoherently. 

- Sounds like somebody accidentally grabbed the wrong drink off the table. 


A study by found that teenage girls spend 5 hours a week taking selfies. 

- They spend the other 163 hours of the week tweeting and posting the pics on Instagram. 


Taylor Swift was the big winner at last night's Billboard Music Awards, taking home 8 trophies. 

- And three new boyfriends. 

Meanwhile Kanye West baffled the audience by performing a medley of his hits with so many pyrotechnics that you 1) could barely see him and 2) censors bleeped out so many of the lyrics you could barely hear him. 

- So all in all, it was a great performance. 


Vladimir Putin scored eight goals during an ice hockey exhibition on Saturday. 

- What makes it really impressive is that he did it shirtless, while riding a horse. 


A Nigerian restaurant was closed down for serving human flesh. 

- So next time you're at a restaurant in Nigeria and they offer a hamburger made from "Ground Chuck"... take them at their word. 


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