Burt Reynolds Comit Con Dad!.jpeg

79 year old Burt Reynolds made a rare public appearance at Comic Con in Philadelphia over the weekend and told fans that despite all the rumors - he is not broke.  

- He was there to "Boost" his career...and also drink some "Boost".


Tom Brady says he'll appeal the 4-Game suspension handed down by the NFL in the wake of "DeflateGate". 

- If that were me, I'd just take those days off and complete some passes with his wife Giselle Bunchen. 


Sources out of North Korea claim that Kim Jong Un's aunt didn't die from a stroke as he claimed, but that he actually had her poisoned after she yelled at him for executing her husband, Kim's uncle. 

- Oh well...what family doesn't occasionally have it's ups and downs? 


Fox announced that they're canceling American Idol after next season. 

- So if you want to hear bad, off key singing, you're going to have to go back to listening to yourself in the shower. 

- How do we say goodbye to the show that gave us William Hung???


A new survey found that 40% of American moms did not enjoy Mother's Day last Sunday. 

- The other 60% didn't respond to the survey because they were still doing the dishes. 

- But on the bright side, Bruce Jenner said he had the best brunch ever! 


Kim Kardashian says she posed nude for a photo shoot to show that she's comfortable with her psoriasis. 

- As opposed to last week when she posed nude just because. 


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Wednesday!