Today is National Honesty Day!

- NBC News will mark the day by duct taping Brian Williams mouth shut. 


While honesty is good...turns out we all tell a few "little white lies". did some research and came up with the Top Ten. As a public service, I'll list them here: 

1.      I'm Fine

2.      I'm 5 Minutes Away

3.      Let's Keep in Touch

4.      I Totally Forgot to Do That Thing You Asked Me to Do

5.      My Phone Died

6.      I've Been Swamped Lately

7.      I'm Busy That Day

8.      I Love It!

9.      Yeah, I'm Listening

10.  Oh Yeah, I Remember You

And then there's the one they forgot... "Sure! I'd LOVE to babysit the grandkids Saturday night!"


Jack Ely, the lead singer of The Kingsmen, died this week at the age of 71. It's his voice that we heard on the huge hit song "Louie, Louie". 

- The song is considered a classic and is also in my humble opinion one of the worst songs ever. I probably played it on the radio 10,000 times during my career and hated it every time. 


A plane carrying Bill Clinton had to make an emergency landing in Tanzania after one of it's four engines gave out. 

- Along with three flight attendants. 


Twitter's stock price plummeted after it's financial earnings were leaked early on...TWITTER. 

- That, my friends, is the definition of #irony. 


A study by Ipsos Market Research found that the majority of parents are not saving for their children's college education. 

- Instead, they're using the money to furnish their basements since that's where their kids will end up living anyway. 


New York's Museum of Biblical Art announced it is permanently closing in June. 

- And that is the Gospel Truth. 


A French company is allowing people to bottle the scent of a loved one so they can use it as perfume when that person dies. 

- It's called "Chanel #6... Feet Under". 


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Friday!