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Welcome to the first weekend of May and Podcast #158. This time around, Jackie and I are joined once again by former "Purtan's Person" and "The Glass is Half-Empty" kinda guy, Jim Ochs. Our topics include: 

-Why my not having a Smartphone seems "dumb" to some...but how my Flip-Phone comes in handy. 

- Something we've never dared talk about before: The ball on top of the Penobscot Building. 

- The latest on Bruce Jenner's transition...including what Cup Size he's going with and why. 

- The story behind Netflix launching a "Full House" reprise called "Fuller House". 

- Two Burning Questions: Was Lassie a boy or a girl in real life? And who was Rudd Weatherwax?

- The voice behind "The Grinch". 

- Some great lines from Paul Lynde & Charlie Weaver on "Hollywood Squares". 

- Why get an Apple Watch? 

- Plus....for you history fans...How Michigan ended up giving Toledo to Ohio in exchange for the U.P. 

So usher in the new Month with Podcast #158! Who MAY just like it!   (43:08)

Have a great weekend and I'll see you back here Monday with my regular blog!