Hold onto your hats! Two big showbiz announcements: 

ABC is coming out with a new adult "Muppets" series that will delve into the personal lives of the characters like a soap opera. 

- I can't wait to see the two old guys in the balcony go to the doctor for their annual prostate exams. 

AND... Netflix is considering producing a new updated "Full House" series called "Fuller House". 

- So all you Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen fans out there... WE'RE ON THIS STORY!!!!! Details when available! 


ISIS has banned the wearing of Nike shoes and apparel because the company name is similar to the Arabic word for "Sexual Intercourse". 

- Personally, I think Adidas look better with Burkas anyway. 


Dr. Oz will devote the entire hour of today's show to countering claims by ten other doctors who signed a letter stating that they believe he promotes quack products, and is only motivated by financial gain. 

- The episode will be sponsored by "The New Zealand Snail-Slime Belly Fat Burning Weight Loss Capsules".  

- At the end of the show, he'll stretch out a real 25 foot human intestine just to keep things normal. 


A study by Rover.Com found that "Max" was the most popular dog name of 2014. 

- They didn't bother finding out the most popular Cat name since they couldn't find a Cat who would talk to them.  


A Colorado  man was arrested for shooting his computer eight times because it was driving him crazy. 

- He should have just sworn at the computer like I do. 


People Magazine has announced it's pick for "The Most Beautiful Woman of the Year"... And the winner is: Sandra Bullock. 

- Am I the only one who thinks Bruce Jenner was robbed?


It's National "Take Your Son Or Daughter To Work Day". 

- NBA Players were going to participate, but there weren't enough seats in the arena for all of their kids. 


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Friday with a brand new Podcast!