Hillary Clinton held a press conference yesterday regarding the email scandal. She admitted to deleting more than 32,000 messages but said they were about personal things like planning Chelsea's wedding and yoga routines. 

- With six daughters, my wife says 32,000 emails about wedding planning seems kind of low. 

- I didn't know Hillary did yoga...I thought she was more into "Pantsuit Pilates". 


A High School in New Mexico has chosen Communism as their prom theme...or "Promunism" as they're calling it. 

- Russian officials announced that Vladimir Putin has been crowned Prom King, having received 120% of the vote. 


Apple CEO Tim Cook says the Apple Watch can send a text, surf the web, and make phone calls. 

- So you can spend upwards of 400 bucks on the new watch, or keep your money and just duct tape your iPhone to your wrist. 


An Ohio State University study found that parents are responsible for their children's narcissism if they constantly tell their kids they're the greatest thing since sliced bread and the kids believe them.  

- If that's true, Kanye West's parents need to be put in a Time Out. 

- Speaking of Kanye, he says he loves his Mom & Dad but that "Beyonce has the greatest parents of all time. 


A Google Ventures Exec says that, in the future, people will live to be 500 years old. 

- On the down side...they'll all look like Larry King does right now. 


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Thursday!