Mayor Mike Duggan will deliver his State of the City Address tonight at 7pm...but will be minus one of the special guests he invited to attend. James Robertson, the man who has earned the respect and admiration of people worldwide for walking 21 miles to get to his factory job and back, has politely declined the Mayor's invite. Why? Because his shift doesn't end until 10pm. As he told the Free Press, "It would interfere with my work. That's just me". Despite being in the spotlight, being gifted a new car, and receiving over $350,000 in donations... James is still James. It doesn't get any better than that!! 


NECCO, the company that makes candy hearts, is putting "emoticons"on their Valentine Candy Hearts this year. 

- This will be a great Valentine's Gift for my wife Gail...and will mean even more when I figure out what an "Emoticon" is. 


Today is "Extraterrestrial Culture Day"...a day celebrating Extraterrestrial visitors. 

- You know, like Dennis Rodman. 


Brian Williams announced that he's pulling out of a scheduled appearance on David Letterman's show. 

- Apparently he's afraid Dave would take a lot of shots at him...and even if he didn't, Brian would claim that he did. 


Tonight is the season premiere of "Amish Mafia" on the Discovery Channel. 

- If you've been hankering for a slow-speed buggy chase, tonight is your night.

- It's just like "The Sopranos" except people don't get whacked with guns, they get hit with wheels of cheese. 


Bill Cosby cancelled two shows in Boston due to an extreme weather forecast. 

- Instead, he'll stay in his nice, warm hotel room and have a friend over for a drink from the mini-bar. 


Tiger Woods has fallen to a career worst of 62nd in the World Golf Rankings. 

- Once again, Tiger's putter seems to have gotten him in trouble. 


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Wednesday!