Early reviews for "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" vary, calling it everything from "chaotic...full of crazy, out-out-of-this-world characters" to "low energy...a real snoozefest". 

- No wait... Those were the reviews of last night's Presidential Debate. 


Donald Trump's doctor released a statement saying The Donald's health is "astonishingly excellent" and that he would be the healthiest man ever elected President. 

- Bill Clinton would have been the healthiest President ever elected if it hadn't been for all that penicillin he was on. 


A British study found that getting too much sleep can be dangerous. 

- Especially if you're sleeping over at Bill Cosby's house. 


Speaking of "Dr. Huxtable"... Bill Cosby has filed a defamation suit against the women accusing him of sexual assault. 

- He claims the accusations have hurt his reputation...and are making it really tough to get women to agree to come to his hotel room for a glass of wine. 


The Jehovah's Witnesses have put their New York headquarters up for sale for $1 Billion. 

- Instead of using a Real Estate Agent, their going door-to-door looking for a buyer. 


Denver broke a one-day record snowfall record set in 1897 Tuesday when the city was blanketed in 7.7 inches of snow. 

- People were upset because they thought the snow was freezing the marijuana plants in their backyards. 


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