The woman who won a record $2 Million at a slot machine at Greektown Casino Sunday night says she will spend the money on a new dress and a trip to Disney World. 

- Which works out perfectly. If she spends $100 on a dress, she'll have just enough left for that trip to Disney. 


Merriam Webster Dictionary has named "ism" as the word of the year after a big increase in online look-ups for the definition of "Terrorism".

- And most of those came from the Obama administration. 


Taylor Swift has applied for a trademark on the word "Swiftmas". 

- She's also filed for trademarks on the words "Break-Up", "It's Over" & "Dumped". 


The MLB has refused to overturn Pete Rose's lifetime ban from the game. They say that Rose has continued to bet on sports - including baseball - throughout his appeals process. 

- What are the odds? 


A Market Research Survey found that bra sales have fallen by 3% in 2015. 

- If you think the bra sales are should see the boobs. 


After 65 years with NBC, weatherman Willard Scott is retiring at the age of 81. 

- If he'd just stayed 19 more years he could have presented himself with a jar of Smuckers. 


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