Donald Trump got an important endorsement today: Vladimir Putin called him a "very talented and outstanding man". 

- We can only hope this doesn't give The Donald any ideas about going horseback riding without a shirt. 


A Federal investigation determined that some of Hillary Clinton's emails were "Top Secret" and could have fallen into the wrong hands. 

- They also determined that ALL of Bill's emails were "Top Secret" and could have fallen into the wrong hands... Hillary's. 


Starbucks is no longer selling their Polar Bear Cookies because some customers complained that the red frosting scarf looked like a serious neck wound. 

- The move is being praised by PETC... People for the Ethical Treatment of Cookies. 

- To show how PC they are, Starbucks will now sell transgender Frosty the Snowman cookies. They're easy to spot because the carrot isn't used for his nose. 


A company on Amazon has started selling Star Wars themed condoms. 

- They'll be purchased by men who haven't had sex since "A Long Time Ago...In A Galaxy Far Far Away". 

- They aren't really necessary...When it comes to romance, most Star Wars fans are more "Han Solo". 


Michael Jackson's classic LP "Thriller" has become the first album in history to sell over 30 million copies. 

- Interestingly, Michael's achievement was predicted years ago by Nostril-damus. 


Google has announced that the most searched topic of 2015 was Lamar Odom. 

- And for people over 50 it was a tie between Best Cholesterol & Incontinence Medicines.


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