A Yahoo News survey found that 75% of American children will own a mobile device by age 4. 

- So look for a flood of tweets like "Dora the Explorer Rules" and "I haven't wet my bed in a month! #ByeByeRubberSheets". 

- Basically today's kids think "An Apple For The Teacher" means you have to buy them an iPhone. 


Ohio voted down a proposal yesterday that would have legalized medical marijuana and "recreational" pot smoking.

- Even The Ohio State football team voted against it...because they couldn't read the ballot.  


President Obama said that if Republican candidates can't handle CNBC Debate moderators, there's no way they can handle Vladimir Putin. 

- Well it takes one to know one. 


A study by the CDC found that sleep deprived people strongly crave high calorie foods. 

- So in addition to her other problems...Rosie O'Donnell must be an insomniac.  


OJ Simpson is vehemently denying rumors that he slept with Kris Jenner and that he may be Khloe Kardashian's biological Dad. 

- OJ has now asked to be released from prison so he can spend everyday of the rest of his life looking for the real father. 

- Poor Khloe. First her Ex-Step Dad becomes her Ex-Step Mom and now this. 


A fire gutted Johnny Mathis' Hollywood mansion Monday night. 

- When asked if arson was a possibility Johnny said "Chances are...But It's Not For Me To Say". 

- Needless to say he was upset, telling a firefighter "Look at me...I'm as misty as a kitten up a tree". 


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Thursday!