Eddie Murphy and his girlfriend are expecting their first child together. Eddie already has 8 eight kids from previous relationships. 

- They're making a movie about Eddie called "Beverly Hills Pop Nine". 


Hillary Clinton has launched a new TV ad in which she calls for stricter gun control. 

- She's been big on gun control ever since she found out Bill couldn't keep his pistol in his holster. 


Spirit and Frontier Airlines are increasing their checked baggage fees just for the Holiday season. 

- On the bright side, you can carry-on all of the emotional baggage you picked up spending Thanksgiving with your in-laws for free.


Some groups are calling for SNL to pull Donald Trump as guest host of this Saturday's show because of his anti-Mexican comments.  

- To appease critics, The Donald invited a Mexican couple - a Mr. Jimmy Chunga and his wife Jilly Con Queso to the taping of the show. 


The big rumor in Hollywood is that Tom Brady's wife Gisele Bundchen had a boob job. 

- Apparently Tom thought she was a bit on the deflated side. 

- She didn't want the surgery but Tom said if she was a real Patriot she'd go thru with it. 


On this day in 1492, Christopher Columbus saw corn for the first time. 

- And on this day in 1992, Charlie Sheen saw Porn for the first time. 


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