TV insiders say that big time partier and "Tonight Show" host Jimmy Fallon may be headed to rehab for alcohol abuse after injuring himself 3 times in the last 4 months while intoxicated. A friend of Fallon says "He's a mess". 

- Jay Leno said he feels bad for Fallon...and immediately began working on his comeback monologue. 


Hope you had a great Halloween! It's always fun to dress up and pretend you're something you're the Lions! They went to London dressed up like a Professional Football Team. They lost 45-10.

- The last time something that embarrassing happened in London it involved a Hooker and Prince Harry in a Nazi uniform. 


Congrats to the Kansas City Royals who won the World Series for the first time in 30 years when they defeated the Mets 7-2 last night in the 12th inning of Game 5. 

- Let the countdown for the Tigers' Spring Training begin!   


Donald Trump told a Florida audience that his biggest weakness it that he "trusts people too much". 

- For instance, he "trusts" that everybody in America is going to vote for him. 


Tiger Woods' longtime Caddy has written a book in which he claims Tiger treated him "like a slave", threw clubs around and spit in the holes if he missed a putt during practice.  

- But he admitted it didn't happen that often because Tiger spent most of his down time puttering around with his mistresses. 


Apple has opened it's first store in Saudi Arabia. 

- It's in a strip mall right next to Bed, Bath & Burkas. 

- The store sells the same phones they do here, except Siri isn't allowed to talk.  


Sources say another woman was assaulted by Bill Cosby years ago - this one was his kid's Nanny. 

- Her story is just like Cosby's other accusers...except this time it's with the Nanny and a spiked juice box.


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