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Welcome to The Big MSU/Michigan Game Weekend and Podcast #175. The Spartans are ranked #7 nationally - The Wolverines are ranked #12. Game time Saturday at 3:30pm in Ann Arbor. With Michigan not allowing a single touchdown in their last three games, they're favored to win, so it will take a mighty effort by Connor Cook and the Spartans to get on the scoreboard. Let the Game Begin! 

And speaking of battles...our Special Podcast guest, former "Purtan's Person" Joe Noune shares his personal "War  & Health Stories". Among them:   

-OAB or UTI? Does Joe have an Over Active Bladder or a Urinary Tract Infection? And is the medicine he's taking (which turns his Pee orange) also responsible for his recently-turned-ruddy complexion?

- Joe's Tour of Duty in the Pacific. (Mostly his appreciation of the Taiwanese women he met when he was stationed there). 

- And finally, a great never reported comment by President Eisenhower to his brother Milton, years after the War, about "the weather".  

So no matter who you're rooting for this weekend, Michigan, Michigan State or Joe (to get over his UTI)... take a "time out" to listen to Podcast #175. (40:58) Go Blue! Go Green! Or in Joe's case... Go Orange! 

Have a great weekend and I'll see you back here Monday with my regular blog! 


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