Snow that stuck...and single digit temps with wind chills below zero made for a dicey and cold commute this morning. Several businesses have been affected and in the interest of public service here is a partial list: 

- The "Sip & Strip Gentlemen's Club" is open...but there will be no pole dancing until the margarita salt can be used to de-ice the runways. 

- The "Citizens Against Global Warming" breakfast in Ann Arbor has been postponed... until sometime this Spring. 

- Flights at Metro Airport may be slightly delayed...but luggage will be lost as scheduled. 


Authorities say that the man accused of arranging sex for Prince Andrew had 21 phone numbers in his black book belonging to Bill Clinton. 

- To put that in perspective, Bill had the same number of private phone numbers that Hillary had pantsuits. 

- Apparently Bill signed up for the "Family, Friends & Philandering" package. 


A new study found that people who stay up to the wee hours of the night have higher IQ's then people who go to bed early. 

- So I'm not an Insomniac...I'm a GENIUS!


A survey by found that the Chihuahua is the dumbest dog breed. 

- How dumb can they be? One of 'em scored millions doing that Taco Bell TV Commercial gig.  

- Meanwhile the survey found that the "Tenderest" dogs are on Kim Jong Un's dinner plate in North Korea. 


An Iowa woman was arrested after using a website called "" to mail a package of cow poop to her neighbors house.

- Remember the good old days when people would actually deliver the package themselves and then set it on fire? 


Sylvester Stallone confirmed that he's returning for another "Rambo" movie. He's also doing another "Rocky" film set to be released in 2016. 

- In this one he yells, "Adrian! Adrian! Get Offa My Lawn!" 

- And instead of climbing into a boxing ring, he'll step into one of those nifty walk-in bathtubs. 


Jennifer Aniston told CBS Sunday Morning that she's not bitter about her break up with Brad Pitt. He left her for Angelina Jolie 10 years ago. 

- Okay if you're still talking about how "not bitter" you are 10 years later...something tells me you might be just a "little bit bitter". 

- Aniston showed up for the interview with a six-person entourage. Hey, somebody had to carry all that emotional baggage. 


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Wednesday!