Due to a pass interference call against Dallas that the refs wrongly reversed, and some late-game mistakes by the Lions, they ended up losing a play-off game they should have won. Final score: 24 -20. As we say every year...Oh well, there's always NEXT year. 

Meanwhile a major dip in the jet stream has our whole area in a deep freeze. Wind chills this morning were in the minus teens.

- As a matter of fact I'm wearing my thermal sandals today. 

- You know it's cold when Bob Bashara wears his fur-lined leather chaps in the Prison Yard.


A new online dating site called "FarmersOnly.com" promises to match up lonely male farmers with "country like" women in their area. 

- Finally! A dating site for all those women looking for a man who can muck a stall and still look great in bib overalls.

- Apparently there are a lot of farmers out there who are tired of spending sleepless nights alone counting sheep. Literally. 

- Hopefully this site will be more successful that eCompostHeap.com. 


Buckingham Palace has denied a story that Prince Andrew, Prince Charles' younger brother, had an ongoing affair with a 17-year-old underage girl. 

- At least Prince Charles had HIS on-going affair with an over age woman. (You remember Camilla don't ya?) 


The creators of Love Magazine say that Kim Kardashian will be unrecognizable on the cover of this month's magazine. 

- That's because they're going to show her face instead of her butt. 


A survey found that gym memberships are expected to spike by 65% in the first month of the new year, as usual. 

- And as usual, during that same time, the number of drinks Bill Cosby spikes will go up 75%. 


Have a great day, stay warm and I'll see you back here tomorrow!