As many of you know, yesterday on my Facebook page, I announced that I was taking a day off from the blog to explore a possible run for President in 2016... albeit of my Neighborhood Homeowners Association. 

Hundreds of you responded...and I was bowled over with your kind words, support and encouragement. I can't thank you enough. 

I have been a very fortunate man and have always wanted to do whatever I can to “give back” to my community.. or in this case, “Subdivision”.

But after long talks with my staff (actually I just mentioned it to my wife Gail and the UPS guy who delivered a package yesterday) it is with a heavy heart that I announce today that, after careful consideration, I have decided against throwing my hat in the ring for President of the Neighborhood Homeowners Association. 

While it would have been an honor to serve - and make important decisions about things like trash pick-up and which day to hold the annual Subdivision Garage Sale, I feel the pressure and responsibility of such an esteemed office would take too much time away from my family…and would really cut into my time running to the drugstore to pick up more vitamins.

One need only look at one of our Greatest Presidents…Mr. Belevedere…to see the toll such a responsibility can take on a man. 

And so for now, I will remain a simple Homeowner. I thank you all again for your support. And who knows…There’s always 2020!