Happy Friday... We had such a positive reaction to last week's Podcast that I thought I'd post it again this week for those of you who missed it. (And also to give myself a day off!) So here it is... An Encore Presentation of Podcast #147 entitled "A Podcast So Interesting Even I Liked Listening To It" Enjoy! 


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Welcome to the weekend and Podcast #147...featuring our special guest, former "Purtan's Person", Tom Delisle. We recorded it between Christmas and New Year's and cover topics including: 

- Doug & Bob McKenzie's connection with Gene Taylor.

- Survey results for the "Worst TV Actor of All Time".

- The friend of Tom's who Murdered actor Bob Crane. 

- Denny McClain's somewhat convoluted history in baseball and "other things"... like crime.  

- What Hugh Hefner HAS to HAVE 24/7. 

- The "Four Hour Medical Problem" that Tom lives in constant fear of getting.  

- Bill Bonds & Bob Hope.

- The Biggest Hollywood Star of the first half of the 20th Century??? 

- Three of the Worst Pop Songs of all time. 

- Tom's mishap on the Toronto-to-Detroit Train and why he should have paid someone's dry cleaning bill...but didn't. 

- A "Purtan's No-Stars" hockey story about my former radio engineer Louie Shook. 

- And what Louie wore the day the Detroit News showed up to take his picture for the cover of the Sunday Magazine. 

So forget about the cold weather... and warm up to Podcast #147!  (51:24)

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Have a great weekend and I'll see you back here Monday with my regular blog!