Bob Bashara will be sentenced today for the murder of his wife, Jane,  in 2012. Bashara hired a hit man to kill her so he could pursue an "alternative sex lifestyle" with his mistress. 

- I'm betting he's going to spend the rest of his life pursuing an "alternative sex lifestyle"...but this time his "Mistress" will be a 280 pound guy named Bubba. 

- Bashara will be the only guy in the yard trying to trade cigarettes for a blindfold and a studded dog collar. 


The U.S. section of the International Space Station was evacuated over fears of a gas leak. 

- The astronauts called Consumers Energy who said they'll be there to check it out on February 10th, 2016...between the hours of 1 and 5...and someone must be home when they arrive. 


A Pew Research Poll found that 56% of Americans over the age of 65 use Facebook. 

- And 70% post pictures on Insta-granny. 


A Wisconsin Bull who sired over 500,000 offspring has died. 

- With a gigantic smile on his face.  

- If he'd fathered just a few more he could have played in the NBA. 


A Saudi Cleric has banned Snowmen, claiming that they are "anti-Islamic and inspire lust". 

- Apparently he doesn't realize that when you make a Snowman, you use the Carrot for his NOSE. 

- Reaction to the ban was Frosty. 

- Wouldn't it be more appropriate to ban "Sandmen" in the Middle East???


Chinese authorities busted a man at the airport who had 94 iPhones taped to his body. 

- They were going to tase him, but he had all the phones on "Vibrate" so they just called him instead. 


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