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Welcome to the weekend and Podcast #135! Back by popular demand - for the second week in a row - former "Purtan's Person" Tom DeLisle joins us at the Purtan dining room table for some More-Than-A-Brush-With-Celebrity stories including:

- Tom "comes clean" about the time he stole JFK's monogramed bath towel while staying in the bedroom next to Rose Kennedy at the family's Hyannisport Compound. 

- My unexpected dinner with Henry Fonda.

- The brilliance of Gene Wilder and the hysterical scene in a Woody Allen film involving Gene, a bed, a sheep and a bottle of Woolite. 

- How in real life, the great Mr. Wilder used to go out into a field, lay down and do absolutely nothing for hours at a time. 

- And what was my Doctor thinking when he told me to put a bar of Ivory soap in my bed every night for two months?

So don't be "Sheepish"...join us for Podcast #135!  (33:56)

Have a great weekend and I'll see back here Monday with my regular blog!  


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