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Welcome to the weekend and Podcast #137! Today the always entertaining former "Purtan's Person" Joe Noune joins Jackie and me at the Purtan dining room table to tackle some of today's most pressing issues including:  

- Is it better to be a Facebook friend or a "Real" friend???

- Larry King and his infomercial for "The New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel".

- The incredible amount of products on store shelves these days compared to the "Old Days". 

- Why Joe and I are confused by the hanging signs at both ends of the grocery aisles. 

- Joe's experience buying feminine hygiene products for his wife...and himself. 

- Wink (The Winker) Martindale and his show "Name that Tune". (Prepare for an impromptu acapella performance) 

- Joe's crazy theory on how Beethoven may have "faked" being deaf to increase sales of his music. 


- The late, great Howard Cosell (via Joe) talks about Michigan native Derek Jeter's retirement from the Yankees... and what former Detroit Tiger Ace scouted and recommended Jeter. 

So for an in-depth analysis of stuff that doesn't really matter, turn off the cable news and tune into Podcast #137!   (42:16)

Have a great weekend and I'll see you back here Monday with my regular blog...