For the fourth year in a row the Tigers have won the American League Central Division Championship. They open against the AL East champs, Baltimore, on Thursday in Baltimore. Tickets for play-off games at Comerica, are, as of this writing, still available. Go Tigs!

More good news for Detroit Pro Sports... as the Lions beat the NY Jets 24-17 bringing the Lions early season record to 3-1. 

On the College front...

Congrats to the MSU Spartans who steam-rolled the Wyoming Cowboys 56-14. 

Not so great news for Michigan as the Wolverines lost their second straight home game at the Big House... this time to Minnesota, 30 to 14. It's only the 4th time in 47 years that the Golden Gophers have taken down the Wolverines. 

Much unhappiness and controversy over Brady Hoke's coaching and his handling of QB Shane Morris in Saturday's game. An obviously wobbly Morris was allowed to stay in the game...and even return after sitting out several plays... despite displaying concussion-like symptoms. Story developing... 


Chelsea Clinton gave birth to a bouncing baby girl on Saturday. Her name? Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky. 

- Bill was so excited that Hillary even let him hand out Cigars. 

- No word on whether this will effect Hillary's decision to run in 2016, but Democratic strategists are already hinting that Charlotte will make a run for the White 2052. 


The FBI says that only 12 Americans are currently fighting for ISIS and not the 100 who were originally reported. 

- That according to the ISIS on-line dating service.  


North Korean officials announced that Kim Jong Un, who hasn't been seen publicly in three weeks, is "suffering from discomfort". A European tabloid claims it's due to his addiction to cheese. 

- Can you blame him? Who doesn't love a good Schnauzer Kebob with a Cheddar dipping sauce? 

- Or it could be as simple as too many Hot DOGS.  

- His doctors feared it could be something more serious, so Kim had them executed. 


72 year old Barbra Streisand's new album, "Partners", debuted at #1 on Billboard, making her the only artist in history to have a #1 album in six different decades. 

- Barbra had no idea until her chauffeur-slash-husband James Brolin said he heard it on TV. 

- Songs include: "People...Who The Hell Are All These People???" and "Somewhere...I Know I Left My Keys Somewhere". 


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Tuesday!