Obamacare announced they now cover transgender sexual reassignment surgery for men who want to become women and vice versa.  

- But President Obama was quick to point out "If you like the Penis you were born with...you can keep the Penis you were born with". 

- Let me get this straight...Boob jobs are now covered for men, but not for women?


Last night's Emmy Awards went off without a hitch...or a gunshot...which is saying a lot for an Awards show these days!

- The big winner was "Breaking Bad," which of course chronicles the career of Justin Bieber. 


Burger King has confirmed that's it's buying Canadian based donut and coffee giant Tim Horton's. 

- Their new slogan will be "Special Orders Don't Upset Us...All We Ask Is That You Let Us Serve It Your Way, Eh?"

- McDonald's had considered buying Tim Horton's as well, but thought selling "McNuggets" and "Timbits" at the same place sounded too racy. 


Scientists at Binghamton University say the average IQ score is decreasing because we've hit our intellectual peak. 

- The say the decline coincided with the airing of the first episode of "Honey Boo Boo". 


Starbucks will begin testing mobile coffee stores on college campuses this fall. 

- They'll accept Visa, Mastercard and Job Applications from seniors who are still looking for a job they're qualified for. 

- But where are they gonna sit and wait to get hit-on while pretending to study on their laptops? 


Tiger Woods has parted ways with his swing coach of the past four years. 

- Apparently Tiger is going to give up on his swing and go back to working overtime with his putter. 


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