50 years ago today, I, along with four of my fellow WSAI jocks, brought the Beatles to Cincinnati. We each kicked in $2500 -- and we had the Beatles! That's all it took. If you're wondering who the guy is standing behind John Lennon...that's a somewhat pudgy me sans glasses and mustache. Our profit that night? $2200 a piece. The music was great...especially the 13,500 plus screaming teenage "back up singers"!


A just divorced Florida couple posted a "Divorce Selfie" of themselves on Facebook, holding up their divorce decree and beaming with happiness. They claim they want the world to know they plan on remaining good friends. 

- This explains the existence of the "It's Complicated" relationship status button that people can click on Facebook. 

- They're registered at "We No Longer Share A Bed, Bath & Beyond". 


A Pew poll found that friends who talk about politics on Facebook are less likely to talk about them in person. 

- That's because they've never actually MET any of their Facebook friends in person. 


Doctors say that most people find marijuana to be a better pain killer than pills like Vicodin and Oxycontin. 

- It's especially effective on Joint pain. 

- So kids, don't be stingy! Share your stash with Grandma! 


Police have confirmed that the six gun shots that wounded rapper Suge Knight at a pre-MTV Music Awards party were actually meant for Chris Brown. 

- Chris is going to turn the incident into a "Hit" song. 

- Who knew the gangster thugs who did the shooting would actually live long enough to have vision problems? 


A study by Georgia Southern University found that most parents who have obese children don't think their kids are overweight. 

- In their defense, it's hard to get a good look at your kid when he's sitting in the backseat eating a Double Cheeseburger and a Butterfinger Blizzard from Dairy Queen. 

- The study has led to a remake of the classic song, "She Ain't Heavy...She's My Daughter". 


Leonardo DiCaprio donated $100,000 when he took the "Ice Bucket Challenge" for ALS.  

- Let's hope it works out better than the "IceBerg Challenge" did for the Titanic. 


An 8-foot 4-inch man from Ukraine, believed to be the World's Tallest Man, has died at the age of 44. 

- Funeral arrangements are on hold as his family is still waiting for the "Costco Casket-Extender" to be delivered. 


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Thursday!