Former American Idol contestant William Hung got married in June, but kept it a secret until now. 

- He's good at keeping secrets...for instance he's kept his singing talent hidden to this very day. 

- Insert your own "She Bangs" joke here. 


General Motors announced that the new Corvette will have a camera that records every move a driver makes. 

- So now guys can have their whole mid-life crisis on video. 


A restaurant in China is using robots to cook food. 

- If this catches on over there, it could put millions of children out of a job. 


Sweden is celebrating 200 years without being in any Wars. 

- They're also celebrating 200 years of exporting hot blonds and Swedish fish. 


Taylor Swift announced that she'll be releasing a pop-album later this year called "1989". 

- It's either named after the year she was born or the number of boyfriends she's had. 


The NFL is asking artists who perform at the Super Bowl to split their record sale revenue with the league. 

- This seems unfair...personally I think some of the acts should pay US for having to watch their half-time show. 


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Thursday!