Legendary smokey-voiced actress Lauren Bacall died Monday. She was famously married to Humphrey Bogart after they met on the set of the movie "To Have and Have Not", and later, after Bogart's death to Jason Robards Jr. During her marriage to Bogart she served as "Den Mother" to the original Hollywood Rat Pack which included Bogart, Frank Sinatra, David Niven, Judy Garland & others. 

Another one of her big hits was when she co-starred with Marilyn Monroe and Betty Grable in "How To Marry A Millionaire". In another "Detroit Connection"...Gail and I had dinner with Betty's Daughter Victoria who lives here in Metro Detroit a few months ago.) 

Bacall was 89. 


An Indiana University study found that Mississippi is the most corrupt state in the country. 

- Washington D.C. was the hands down winner until researchers realized it wasn't a state. 


Miley Cyrus adopted a baby piglet called "Bubba Sue". 

- When it dies she's going to have it made into the world's first "Twerky Jerky". 


Rory McIlroy told ESPN that breaking up with Caroline Wozniak is the main reason he's won three straight PGA tournaments and that being single has left him more time to focus on his game. 

- Yeah, but think about all those fabulous trips to Bed Bath & Beyond he's missing out on!

- It's the exact opposite of Tiger Woods who proved that having a wife and ten girlfriends can really bring your game down. 


NBC is allegedly replacing David Gregory on Meet The Press because of low ratings. 

- He's already been picked up by ABC where he'll appear in next season's "Dancing With The Former News Stars". 

- Fans of Gregory are blaming the move on Jay Leno. 


A 45 year old British woman has a rare condition in which she collapses to the ground whenever she has the big "O". 

- It's really not that bad unless it happens while she's standing in the middle of a busy intersection. 


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