He grew up in Bloomfield Hills. He roomed with a family while attending Detroit Country Day School, and is now gone much too early at the age of 63. Robin Williams ended his life by asphyxiation in his home in Marin County, California Monday morning.  

The tragic end of the comic genius came after a long battle with both addiction and depression. 

His connection with Detroit is strong, in that he co-starred with Pam Dawber, who is from Farmington Hills, in the hit show "Mork & Mindy". Pam has been married for decades to Mark Harmon (of "NCIS") - son of famed Michigan football player Tom Harmon. 

Robin's humor was both brilliant and astoundingly quick off-the-cuff - in the style of his hero and mentor Jonathan Winters who died last year at the age of 87. 

Williams worked in almost every medium imaginable...stand-up, television, stage, and the movies earning him an Emmy, a Grammy and an Oscar. 

He will be greatly missed!  Below you'll find a clip of his first appearance on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. It runs just under 2 minutes and is more than worth watching. 

 "You're only given one little spark of madness. You mustn't lose it."

- Robin Williams