Cartoon Gorilla .jpeg

Koko, the gorilla famous for her ability to communicate with sign language, told trainers that she is "crying" over Robin Williams death. 

- She then peeled a banana in his honor. 


Hillary called the President to apologize for publicly criticizing his foreign policy.  

- Meanwhile Bill called the President to ask him for one of his intern's phone numbers. 


The founder of "Spanx" ladies undergarments sold her NYC apartment for $30 Million. 

- The apartment is actually a lot bigger than it looks. 

- She wanted to unload it before the real estate bubble burst...just like the women do when they take off their Spanx. 


Former NY Congressman Anthony Weiner is opening a restaurant. 

- I thought in New York City they sold hot dogs out of carts?

- It's a German-themed restaurant called "Weiner's Schnitzel".


A 25 year old California woman filed paperwork so she can marry Charles Manson. 

- I hope she remembers that "When you marry the marry his Family". 

- They just got engaged so the wedding plans are a bit Helter-Skelter right now.  


A study by the National Academy of Sciences found that surprises play a major role in a person's happiness. 

- Except in people over 90 where surprises play a major role in cardiac arrest. 


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