They're still partying in the streets of Deutschland after Germany defeated Argentina 1-0 to win the World Cup of Soccer. 

- They plan to continue the celebrations by invading Poland and beating their team, too.  

- The fans were so excited they got Goose-steps, um, I mean Goosebumps.  


Mick Jagger was at the game in Brazil because he's a big soccer fan. 

- Mick's so old, fans sitting nearby swear they heard him yelling, "Hey you kids...Get offa my lawn!"


The Drug Enforcement Administration launched an investigation into the NFL's abuse of pain killers and prescription drugs. 

- In most cities they'll concentrate on the players, but here in Detroit they'll be checking out the Lion's FANS.  


"Dawn of the Planet of the Apes" won big at the weekend box office. 

- Producers of other movies released this weekend said "Those DAMN Apes!!!!!" 


Fired "The View" co-host Jenny McCarthy says that when Rosie O'Donnell rejoins the show she'll "Bring a lot of heat". 

- Along with a lot of potato chips and donuts. 

- Rosie and Whoopi back together again...I haven't looked forward to a reunion this much since the last time Dennis Rodman visited Kim Jong Un. 


Singapore's government has banned a book about two male penguins that raise a baby chick. 

- What do two gay guys know about chicks anyway? 

- Wow...Gay Penquins. Talk about snappy dressers! 


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