57 year old Tom Hanks is reuniting with 52 year old Meg Ryan for a new movie. 

- It'll be called "Sleepless in Seattle Due To Restless Leg Syndrome". 

- Or "You've Got Mail! Including Your AARP Membership Card!"


According to divorce papers filed in Florida, George Zimmerman has no home and no money, but spends $100 each month going on vacation. 

- Who knew it could be so cheap to find a pristine white beach to relax on? 


An Alaskan black bear crashed through a skylight and into a living room during a toddler's birthday party.  

- The child's parents never would have paid 200 bucks for a pony if they'd known the bear was gonna show up for free. 

- Zoologists claim the animal suffers from psychological problems, describing him as a "Bi-Polar Bear". 


Yesterday was "Gay Pride Day" in the USA. 

- This year's official slogan was "It Takes A Village People". 


Eminem's daughter Haillie graduated from High School in Clinton Township over the weekend. 

- Eminem said, "I'm so #%@  *$^!  $%!@^&^! proud of her I could %*&^#$  %$!@#!!!!!"

- Her teachers were amazed saying they thought her chances of graduation were Slim Shady to none. 


On this day in 1936 the book "Gone With the Wind" was published, becoming an instant best seller. 

- I've never read it...I'm waiting for the movie to come out. 


Have a great day and I'll see you back here on Tuesday!