Three big events: Today is July 1st, "Canada Day". Also "Second Half Of The Year Day". And also, the day after Jackie's Birthday! (Oops... I forgot to mention that yesterday!) The picture of Jackie below was taken at her birthday party yesterday afternoon!?!


Mensa is partnering with to create a dating site where geniuses can find a partner. 

- It's expected to be a lot less popular than it's sister site

- The problem is, anyone smart enough to be in Mensa would be way too smart to try on-line dating. 


A new study found that marijuana use has declined everywhere in the world except the U.S.

- The "Star Spangled Banner" will now officially be replaced by Jackie Wilson's "Higher and Higher".  


Organizers of the Miss Florida beauty pageant crowned the wrong girl after a vote countering error.  

- Apparently they got the girls hanging chads mixed up. 


Elton John marked Gay Pride Day by saying that Jesus would have supported gay marriage. 

- He based his theory on the fact that Jesus liked to drink wine and hang out with a bunch of guys. 


Pope Francis insists that he's fine, despite canceling recent events because of health problems. 

- Truth be told, he just hasn't been getting much sleep due to Restless Pope Syndrome. 


The Oscar Pistorius murder trial resumed Monday after a 30-day psychiatric evaluation. 

- The good news for him: He's not crazy. The bad news for me: This increases his chances of being convicted.    

- The doctors did say he's suffering from PTSD... Post Traumatic Shooting Disorder. 


A study by Emory University found that Chimpanzees prefer music from India and Africa over Western music. 

- The one exception...Anything by The Monkees. 


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Wednesday!