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Welcome to the weekend and a brand new Podcast...#126! (Don't be confused when Jackie and I call it #125...turns out we're about as good with numbers as the US Budget Office).This week yet another of my lovely daughters joins us...this time the oldest of the six...Jennifer. 

It's a "Purtan Podcast Potpourri" including: 

-Why Detroit is the safest weather city to live in when it comes to natural disasters.

- How over the hundreds of banquets...Gail has always been introduced as "and his lovely wife". 

- The best Bagels (in my humble opinion) and where you can find them. 

- How coffee goes great with hamburgers and the one condiment that I HAVE TO ADD to really make it work. 

- How many Beans is too many Beans in a bowl of fast food Chili? (I actually counted).

- The many "Stars" that Jennifer ran into when she lived in L.A. and which two "Stars" it would take to make Jackie move there. 

- What happened to daughter #4 JoAnne, the day she "covered" (literally) the demolition of the old Hudson's building. 

- And for your musical entertainment...I'll give you my pick for the singer I think is the best and most successful pop star of the last 40 years - and play one of my favorites. 

So grab something cool to sip on and drink-in Podcast #126!  (31:35)

Have a great weekend and I'll see you back here Monday with my regular blog!