Sunday, we lost the great Casey Kasem at the age of 82. For 34 years he did the "American Top 40 Countdown"...a show that he created himself and broadcast worldwide from Hollywood. He had a unique voice, style and sincerity that came across to everyone who tuned in. And millions did. 

Casey - who was from Detroit - attended 3 of the 4 Detroit Radio Reunions that I emceed, and I am happy to have called him my friend. He had a great sense of fact every time I saw him, I told him that his hair was darker and his teeth whiter. 

Through the years, Casey became a regular "character" on my radio show, with our take on his "Long Distance Dedications" being voiced by Jim Ochs and occasionally, Kevin O'Neil. 

In 1988 and again in 2005 we had "Casey-Off's" between Jim & Kevin...and one time between Jim, Kevin and the real Casey himself! 

Casey was a class act...he and his unforgettable voice will be missed. 

Below is a piece compiled by "Radio's Best Friend" Art Vuolo, and featured yesterday at It features a visit by Casey to my show back when I was on 95.5. That's Jim Ochs on the left and, of course, Casey on the right. RIP.